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API Documentation
I curate news from across the blogs I read, the interesting Tweets I find, and across the press release sites I monitor. The goal is to bring in as much quality content as I can and then add my own eye towards what is interesting. The content available via this API is the results of that. The API news from across the sector, that I am reading and felt worth sharing.
Kin Lane News API OpenAPI Spec
all news /news/ GET
add a news post /news/ POST
newss by week /news/byweek/ GET
draft newss /news/draft/ GET
published newss /news/published/ GET
news tags by week /news/tags/byweek/ GET
delete news /news/{news_id}/ DELETE
get news using id /news/{news_id}/ GET
update news /news/{news_id}/ PUT
news tags by week newss /news/tags/byweek/{tag}/news/ GET
news tags /news/{news_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to news /news/{news_id}/tags/ POST
delete news tag /news/{news_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE