{"People API"}

API Documentation
I try to keep track of interesting people who are doing things with APIs. I do not track any personal details about people in my system. My goal is to ekep track of the public details like Twitter, LinkedIN, and Github accoutns, as well as personal blogs. Sometimes the best information about platforms, comes from the individuals who operate, and integrate with them. This API provides access to what I think are some of the interesting people in the world of aPis.
Kin Lane People API OpenAPI Spec
get people /people/ GET
add new person /people/ POST
delete person /people/{people_id}/ DELETE
get person /people/{people_id}/ GET
update person /people/{people_id}/ PUT
retrieve people APIs /people/{people_id}/apis/ GET
add people API /people/{people_id}/apis/ POST
delete a people API /people/{people_id}/apis/{api_id} DELETE
Building Blocks
get people building blocks /people/{people_id}/buildingblocks/ GET
add building block to people /people/{people_id}/buildingblocks/ POST
delete a people building block /people/{people_id}/buildingblocks/{building_block_id} DELETE
get people images /people/{people_id}/images/ GET
add people image /people/{people_id}/images/ POST
delete a people image /people/{people_id}/images/{image_id} DELETE
get people locations /people/{people_id}/locations/ GET
add people locations /people/{people_id}/locations/ POST
delete a people location /people/{people_id}/locations/{location_id} DELETE
get people logs /people/{people_id}/logs/ GET
add people log /people/{people_id}/logs/ POST
delete a people log /people/{people_id}/logs/{log_id} DELETE
retrieve an persons notes /people/{people_id}/notes/ GET
add an people note /people/{people_id}/notes/ POST
delete an people note /people/{people_id}/notes/{note_id} DELETE
get people screenshots /people/{people_id}/screenshots/ GET
add people screenshots /people/{people_id}/screenshots/ POST
delete a people screenshot /people/{people_id}/screenshots/{screenshot_id} DELETE
retrieve people tags /people/{people_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to person /people/{people_id}/tags/ POST
delete a people tag /people/{people_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE
retrieve people tools /people/{people_id}/tools/ GET
add tool to people /people/{people_id}/tools/ POST
delete a people tool /people/{people_id}/tools/{tool_id} DELETE
retrieve people url /people/{people_id}/urls/ GET
add people URL /people/{people_id}/urls/ POST
delete a people url /people/{people_id}/urls/{url_id} DELETE