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API Documentation
I use this API to manage all of my blogs. Since I use Jekyll and Github to manage all my project sites, storing content, JSON, YAML, and server and client side code in each project, I use an API to distribute the blog updates to each project endpoint. You can access all my storytelling across all of the blogs that I maintain here in this API.
Kin Lane Blog API OpenAPI Spec
Get All Blog Posts /blog/ GET
Add Blog Post /blog/ POST
Get Blog Posts By Week /blog/byweek/ GET
Get Draft Blog Posts /blog/draft/ GET
Get Published Blog Posts /blog/published/ GET
Delete Blog Post /blog/{blog_id}/ DELETE
Get Blog Post /blog/{blog_id}/ GET
Update Blog Post /blog/{blog_id}/ PUT
Get Blog Tags by Week /blog/tags/byweek/ GET
Get Blog Tags by Tag and Week /blog/tags/byweek/{tag}/blog/ GET
Build By Blog Tag /blog/tags/{tag}/build/ GET
Get Tags for Blog Post /blog/{blog_id}/tags/ GET
Add Tag for Blog Post /blog/{blog_id}/tags/ POST
delete Tag for Blog Post /blog/{blog_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE