{"Certification API"}

API Documentation
This is an API I'm pulling together to help me organization groups of questions about API providers, and API consumers, to help certify for specific reasons. I'm looking to certify APIs as minimum viable, and help establish certifications for API design, evangelism, and others. This is an API to help me manage the parts and pieces, and is a work in progress. 
Kin Lane Certification API OpenAPI Spec
all certifications /certification/ GET
add a certification post /certification/ POST
published certifications /certification/published/ GET
delete certification /certification/{certification_id}/ DELETE
Retrieve a certification using its slug /certification/{certification_id}/ GET
update certification /certification/{certification_id}/ PUT
certification tags by week certifications /certification/tags/{tag}/certification/ GET
certification tags /certification/{certification_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to certification /certification/{certification_id}/tags/ POST
delete certification tag /certification/{certification_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE