{"Curated API"}

API Documentation
As I look through the thousands of tweets, blog posts, and other items I read from across the API space, I curate them as part of my regular research. I put them into each research bucket, and make them availble via each reserch project. You can access via this API, and use in real-time as I curate and manage each week.
Kin Lane Curated OpenAPI Spec
retrieves all curated items /curated/ GET
add curated /curated/ POST
curated items by week /curated/byweek/ GET
curated items by week archived /curated/byweek/archive/ GET
curated items by week published /curated/byweek/published/ GET
curated item by week for review /curated/byweek/review/ GET
delete a curated item /curated/{curated_id} DELETE
retrieve a curated item /curated/{curated_id} GET
updatea a curated item /curated/{curated_id} PUT
retrieves all tags for curated /curated/tags/ GET
curated tags by week /curated/tags/byweek/ GET
curated by tag and week /curated/tags/byweek/{tag}/curated/ GET
delete curated tag /curated/tags/{tag} DELETE
get curated tags /curated/{curated_id}/tags/ GET
add curated tag /curated/{curated_id}/tags/ POST
delete a curated item /curated/{curated_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE
get curated items notes /curated/{curated_id}/notes/ GET
add a curated note /curated/{curated_id}/notes/ POST
delete a curated note /curated/{curated_id}/notes/{note_id} DELETE