{"Dictionary API"}

API Documentation
I am developing this API to help me track on terms used across the API space. I am trying to make available via an API so I can use across my network, while also opening up for others to use as well. This API is definitely still a work in progress, and one of my lesser formed APIs.
Kin Lane Dictionary API OpenAPI Spec
all Dictionaries /dictionary/ GET
add a Dictionary post /dictionary/ POST
published Dictionaries /dictionary/published/ GET
delete Dictionary /dictionary/{Dictionary_id}/ DELETE
Retrieve a Dictionary using its slug /dictionary/{Dictionary_id}/ GET
update Dictionary /dictionary/{Dictionary_id}/ PUT
Dictionary tags by week Dictionaries /dictionary/tags/{tag}/dictionary/ GET
Dictionary tags /dictionary/{Dictionary_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to Dictionary /dictionary/{Dictionary_id}/tags/ POST
delete Dictionary tag /dictionary/{Dictionary_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE