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API Documentation
If you follow my work you know I use a lot of photos across my network, and this is the API I am using to help pull it together, across the images I host with websites, on Amazon S3, and Flickr. I'm working to centrally organize them, and standardize how I use across my sites. This is a lesser priority for me, so it has a lot of work to be done yet.
Kin Lane Image API OpenAPI Spec
get images /images/ GET
add image /images/ POST
sync amazon s3 /images/sync/amazons3/ GET
delete image /images/{image_id}/ DELETE
get image /images/{image_id}/ GET
update image /images/{image_id}/ PUT
get image tags /images/{image_id}/tags/ GET
add image tag /images/{image_id}/tags/ POST
delete image tag /images/{image_id}/tags/{tag}/ DELETE