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I ask a lot of questions each day about APis. Based upon the good, and the bad behavior I witness in the space, I am constantly recording the questions that I think should be asked. I use this API to add, edit, and manage questions across all of my research areas. I am using this API to quickly organize some of the best practices that I see across the space, being asked by the leading API providers.
Kin Lane Question API OpenAPI Spec
get questions /questions/ GET
add question /questions/ POST
ask question: organization /questions/ask/organization/ GET
ask question: organization /questions/ask/organization/{organization_id}/ GET
delete question question /questions/{question_id}/ DELETE
get question /questions/{question_id}/ GET
update question /questions/{question_id}/ PUT
ask question: organization /questions/{question_id}/ask/organization/{organization_id} GET
question tags /questions/{question_id}/tags/ GET
add question question /questions/{question_id}/tags/ POST
delete question tag /questions/{question_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE
question tags /questions/tags/ GET
question tags /questions/tags/{tag}/ DELETE