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I am the worst with task tracking. After several tasking platforms failed me and went away, I stopped using any new ones. I rely on email, my notebook, and link curation for much of my tasking. I'm trying to change this, but having a tasking API. I haven't actually started using this, but will at some point. So this API is probbly a lower priority, but hopefully that will change.
Kin Lane Task API OpenAPI Spec
all tasks /task/ GET
add a task post /task/ POST
delete task /task/{task_id}/ DELETE
get task using id /task/{task_id}/ GET
update task /task/{task_id}/ PUT
task tags /task/{task_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to task /task/{task_id}/tags/ POST
delete task tag /task/{task_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE
task tags by week tasks /task/tags/{tag}/task/ GET