{"Tool API"}

API Documentation
This is one of my older systems, providing access to the open source tools that I keep track on across the API space. While I have had this system for a while, I am only beginning to sync it with Github, and really start pushing forward the content and relationships that exist here. (ie. who is developing, updates to companies, etc.) This provides API access to all of the open source tools I am tracking on and associating with other aspects of my research.
Kin Lane Tool API OpenAPI Spec
get tools /tool/ GET
add new tool /tool/ POST
delete tool /tool/{tool_id}/ DELETE
get tool /tool/{tool_id}/ GET
update tool /tool/{tool_id}/ PUT
Building Blocks
retrieve tool building blocks /tool/{tool_id}/buildingblocks/ GET
add building block to tool /tool/{tool_id}/buildingblocks/ POST
delete a tool building block /tool/{tool_id}/buildingblocks/{building_block_id} DELETE
retrieve tool images /tool/{tool_id}/images/ GET
add image to tool /tool/{tool_id}/images/ POST
delete a tool image /tool/{tool_id}/images/{image_id} DELETE
retrieve tool logs /tool/{tool_id}/logs/ GET
add log to tool /tool/{tool_id}/logs/ POST
delete a tool log /tool/{tool_id}/logs/{log_id} DELETE
add an Tool note /tool/{tool_id}/notes/ POST
delete an tool note /tool/{tool_id}/notes/{note_id} DELETE
retrieve an APIs notes /tool/{tool_id}/notes/ GET
retrieve tool screenshots /tool/{tool_id}/screenshots/ GET
add screenshots to tool /tool/{tool_id}/screenshots/ POST
delete a tool screenshot /tool/{tool_id}/screenshots/{screenshot_id} DELETE
retrieve tool tags /tool/{tool_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to tool /tool/{tool_id}/tags/ POST
delete a tool tag /tool/{tool_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE
retrieve tool url /tool/{tool_id}/urls/ GET
add URL to tool /tool/{tool_id}/urls/ POST
delete a tool url /tool/{tool_id}/urls/{url_id} DELETE