{"Video API"}

API Documentation
Like the audio and image APIs, I want a central place to track on the video content I'm creating and curating from across the space. I'm not a big video watcher or creator, but understand its importance in the space. I'm working to evolve the video portion of what I do, create more content and get more organized with the curation of video content. This video API is how I am looking to do that. This API is not as active as some of my other APis, but will soon change.
Kin Lane Video API OpenAPI Spec
retrieve all video /video/ GET
add video /video/ POST
delete video /video/{video_id}/ DELETE
get video using id /video/{video_id}/ GET
update video /video/{video_id}/ PUT
retrieve video tags /video/{video_id}/tags/ GET
add tag to video /video/{video_id}/tags/ POST
delete a video tag /video/{video_id}/tags/{tag} DELETE